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Pebble pictures

Greetings from a rainy day! Yes, the weather is terrible here, so to distract from a) the miserable rain and b) a terrible dentist appointment this morning, I will share with you a little gem that my mum and I have come across.
Earlier in the summer, we visited the Foxton Locks Festival, in which we encountered the rather wonderful creations of Sadie and Sid Arts and Crafts. despite only coming back with a business card that time, we were delighted to discover that they were coming to a little event called the Pavilion Pop-Up Shop in Newtown Linford.
We may have made a few purchases, but here are a couple of photos so you get the general idea! I think they are brilliant. Plus, the neutral colours and frames are perfect for any sort of room.

pebble pictures 1
Love the Sheep!

pebble pictures 2
Look at the little bunny!
Hope you like these as much as I do!
Megan x

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