A Day in Oxford

Okay! Last birthday related post I promise, but I had to write about my visit to Oxford last Friday. Plus, it would not have arrived so late if the Wifi in our house had been working!
First of all, definitely get public transport into Oxford. There are plenty of Park & Rides, and not a great selection of inner city parking!
When we arrived we decided to head to the Ashmolean Museum for about an hour, before lunch at Jamie’s Italian.
The Ashmolean could be a slightly smaller version of the British Museum, covering most periods of history and having different staircases, which meant that we got lost on a few occasions as well!
Jamie’s Italian is my go-to Italian restaurant, although unfortunately there is not one in Leicester 🙁
The tagliatelle bolognese and epic brownie is a win-win meal! Plus they serve gorgeous ‘mocktails’, perfect for alcohol-free people like me!
After Jamie’s, we had to make a dash for it as my parents had booked for us to go on a river cruise along the Thames. It was worth it being slightly out of breath though as the cruise was beautiful.
Gently bobbing along in the sunshine, allowed us to see Oxford from a different angle, including the University rowing houses, river boats and lock.

After the trip had finished, we had some time to walk around the colleges, an amazing experience no matter how many times you have been to Oxford. It is notable how many Harry Potter themed things there are, such as guided walks and shops, as there are some key locations in Oxford used for the Harry Potter set i.e. the hospital, staircases and the original inspiration for the Great Hall.

Oxford is a beautiful place. Anyone who lives or goes to university here is a lucky person!
Megan x


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