Visit: Breton towns

I have been saving some post ideas recently, especially the remaining ones about France, but I thought I would write the last one, covering the towns in Brittany that we visited over the course of the second week.

Brittany is full of delightful, quaint towns that can fill a whole day just wandering around all the interesting passageways and streets.

Having already mentioned Locronan and Morgat, my other visits included Quimper and Douarnenez.

Quimper is a small city in its own right, with an airport and train station. However, the city is far from a modern metropolitan area. A catherdral, museums and timber framed houses line the lanes of Quimper, with unique shops and creperies galore! (Also a very fun tourist train! I’m still a big kid!)


Douarnenez was quite the opposite to Quimper. You would think it would still be busy, being a port town and having Balamory-coloured houses. To our surprise it was very quiet, but that allowed for some lovely views.

One notable attraction of Douarnenez is the fishing museum. It is set outdoors, on a wooden boardwalk by the river, with different information stands and several large boats to explore.

Compared to the Vendee, Breton towns are a stark contrast to the bustling seaside tourist resorts. They are for the peaceful, cultural visits if that is what interests you.

Megan x



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