Good news!!

Wow! I can’t believe it! I am going to the University of Leeds to study French and Linguistics in just a few weeks time! Was so convinced that I was not going to get in, which explains why I still feel in shock! Congratulations to everyone who received their results today and hope that everyone has a well earned relax and celebrates!

Megan x


5 thoughts on “Good news!!

  1. Troubles of a 20 Something says:

    Hey, congratulations on your results!!

    You’ll love uni and have the best time, specifically Leeds! I have just finished my first year there and it was incredible.

    I have a few posts on my blog about student life, my latest post is a survival guide on how to cope with your first year of uni. You can check it out here if you want Congratulations on your results and for getting into uni! I’ve just written a ‘survival guide’ for your first year of uni, you can check it out here if you like

    I’ve also got some posts on Leeds itself! Might be some things you’re interested in if you want to check it out.

    All the best for September!

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