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An Afternoon in the Kitchen: Homemade Fruit Compote

This compote is the perfect quick and easy treat on a summer’s afternoon, or can be ‘jazzed up with good presentation and adding ice-cream (like I did!) for a dinner party with family and friends.
You can use any fruit really, but I decided to use apples, sultanas, blackberries and some orange juice, because that is what I had lying around the house and in the garden.
All you need to do is chop the fruit into reasonably small chunks if they aren’t already and put them into a big pan.

Before cooking

When cooking, stir occasionally, making sure nothing sticks to the pan. This will also let the flavours and colours really mix together.
Midway through cooking

Once all the fruit is soft, use a fork to puree it slightly and then eat at your leisure! Simple, quick, delicious!
Megan x

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