Visit: Noirmoutier-en-l'île

Whilst reviewing my week in the Vendee, one of the trips that stands out the most (aside from Puy du Fou!) was Noirmoutier-en-ile.
Set on the stunning Noirmoutier island, the town itself, is a tantalising treat for tourists and locals alike, with gourmet restaurants, boulangeries and ice-cream parlours. I enjoyed a delicious raspberry sorbet and chocolate ice-cream from the latter. However, if it happens to be salt you are after, then Noirmoutier is definitely the place to be. The island is covered with ‘Les Marais Salants’ dotted with little salt-selling huts. There appeared to be people having tours over the salt marshes who then went back to buy their bag of salt.

Me in the background gazing over some salt

Castle, church, horse and salt piles all in one

I don’t if the Noirmoutier council have set a rule that all the shutters have to be a shade of blue and that the houses have to be covered in beautiful plants. Walking round the back streets is charming!

In the town centre, we stumbled across a free art exhibition in the Hotel de Ville, which we were really impressed by. The gallery which was holding it is actually in the centre of Paris! The ‘exposition’ was a collection of stunning black and white photographs of the likes of The Rolling Stones, Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren.
Check out the gallery’s website, the exhibition is on until September. If ever you are in the Vendee, it is a must!
Megan x

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