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Moving onto round 3 of my French posts. I could not go to France and not mention the cuisine. France is one of the culinary hotspots of the world, with Michelin origins and the Cordon Bleu.
Now, me being a teenager means that I tend to steer towards the more trivial aspects of eating and drinking abroad, opting for the tourist choices of food. But, hey, I still will share some of the food and drink moments that impressed me.
First of all, you have to love European countries outside of the UK for selling Orangina. The little child within me got ridiculously excited at the prospect of enjoying this drink again!

Enjoying my first glass

Coming to France, I was hit with a surplus of fresh food on offer, whether it is a daily baguette from the village boulangerie or visiting the many Halles that can be found in most towns.

By far the most impressive Halle was in Les Sables D’Olonne in the Vendee, set in this stunning Victorian market hall
Never seen so much colour!

In Brittany, there is no question what foods are a delicacy. Crepes, crepes and more crepes! Plus, of course a seeming obsession with caramel buerre sale, kouign amann and chocolate.

My dad is a big foodie as well. One thing he particularly enjoyed was the formule menus at lunchtime. Amazing value for money and good food!

Megan x

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