Puy du Fou

To celebrate the return of Wifi, an ideal place to start my French themed posts is to tell you about Puy du Fou, a historical theme park in the Vendée region of France. I went there when I was 5, but obviously couldn’t remember much about it, so this time I was looking forward to it very much!
The park has a series of shows, or ‘spectacles’ recounting different stages of France’s history. Each show lasts around half an hour and there is a huge variety to choose from, definitely getting you value for money! As we only had a day there, we decided to focus on the main shows, but there are many smaller shows which we did not have time to see. The park however, does have some rather wacky looking historical themed hotels, so if you want to see every single thing, there is a place for you to stay.
We got there when it opened and the park was already swarming with people, so I would suggest getting there earlier.

The first show we went to see was the bird show. All the speaking was in French, but you didn’t really need to understand the story to appreciate everything. When I say there were hundreds of birds flying over your head, like vultures, storks and bald eagles, I mean hundreds!! My photos probably don’t do it justice as to how many there were.

Secondly, was the Viking show. This is stunning. They have wild animals walking around in front and full scale pyrotechnics and buildings crashing down. I think the best bit though was when the Viking ship rose from the water. Dramatic!

Onto what for me was by far the most amazing, was the gladiator show in the colosseum (yes that’s right!). It started with a parade with the likes of ostriches and a leopard! Then came the chariot racing, fighting and lions! It was unbelievable!

Sadly, the other shows (Musketeers and Napoleon) were inside and we couldn’t take photos. I assure you they were magical as well though!
Bon Journée
Megan x

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