Picnic at Newstead Abbey

It’s my mum’s birthday today (Happy Birthday Mum!!), so yesterday we went to Newstead Abbey in Nottinghamshire. We had been intrigued to go there for sometime and when we did eventually get there yesterday, we were definitely impressed.

Of course, we couldn’t have started the day without a cup of tea and chocolate muffin from cafe! After getting fueled up, we decided to walk and explore the area. The Abbey was stunning and there are vast grounds and parkland, with a variety of gardens to suit everyone including Japanese, Rock, Rose and Lavender gardens. Beautiful!

As the weather was splendid, we decided to bring a picnic for lunch (very important part of my day). We brought the picnic rug and lazed in the warmth over looking the lake. I know my mum really enjoyed it and it was good to spend time together in such a peaceful and relaxing place.

The Abbey is only open on weekends, but we never went in there anyway! You go for the gardens and breathtaking landscape. Just make sure the weather is good!

After we finished up at Newstead, we did have a sneaky trip to the East Midlands Designer Outlet, to get any last minue holiday bargains. The reductions there are incredible!!

Overall, it was a pretty great day!!

Some snaps to see how amazing this place is!




Impressive archway from the ruin section of the Abbey


From across the lake, of the Abbey and the Stables which is now a private property


Me trying to take an artistic shot of water behind the cascade (it was really cool, you could go to a viewpoint with the water in front of you!)


Megan x



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