It’s been 2 weeks since I last posted!!

OMG so sorry can’t believe it’s been 2 weeks since I last posted!! I thought that when my exams finished I would actually have time, but as it turns out, life after exams is pretty busy too!!

So let’s get you up to speed:

  1. First of all my friends and I had a mini holiday to Cornwall at my friend’s holiday house. Although there was only one sunny day, we had a great time! Movie binges, getting addicted to Love Island, makeovers, shopping and losing a pub quiz in style (we all got a bag of malteasers as a prize) were some of the activities involved. Despite the rain, 5 of us still had a blast! When the sun did shine, we made the most of it! A spot of sun bathing, coastal walk, Cornish Pasties and fish and chips. What more could you ask for!

2. After Cornwall, I then had to revise for my driving theory test and I’m glad to say that I passed!! 🙂

3. Last but not least, yesterday evening was prom!! It was in a marquee at school. We were greeted with Pimms and photos on arrival, followed by a 3-course meal, then photo booth and casino fun!! It was a lovely night and nice being able to dress up! (I would show you a picture of me in my dress, but my parents don’t let me blog pics of me)


Our table though after using party poppers and ribbon!

And that’s it for the moment really!!

Going to Nottingham tonight to see my bro, Surrey tomorrow for a family gathering/ Watford vs Woking friendly/ watching Wimbledon Final (come on Andy!!).

Next week is hanging out with friends, as one of my friends is leaving on the 21st to go to Germany for her gap year. On the 21st, I’m also going to France for 2 weeks! Time is hectic at the mo, but so fun!!

Hope everyone else is having a great summer so far!!

Megan x



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