Blogging for a Year!

Just a little message for you all! Today marks my blog's first birthday!! It's crazy to think I started my current blog a whole year ago and I am so grateful for everything I have got to do because of it. I have discovered so many amazing other bloggers and I have developed so many … Continue reading Blogging for a Year!


Resurfacing After Almost a Month!

Hello everyone! I thought Iโ€™d give you a little update as to what is happening, as I am aware that I have not done a blog post in over 20 days and havenโ€™t been active on social media until posting on Instagram a couple of days ago. A lot of us have experienced the pressures … Continue reading Resurfacing After Almost a Month!

All About Eyewear: Glasses vs Contacts

It has been a while since I have done a fashion post, although this is also crossing over the border into beauty, but I thought I would write about something I do not tend to read about, but that is a big part of my everyday life. The whole glasses and contact lenses dilemma. I … Continue reading All About Eyewear: Glasses vs Contacts

Visiting Ickworth House

My final Suffolk-related post is here! In keeping with the National Trust theme that seems to have emerged, we will be finishing off this little trilogy series with Ickworth House, an impressive stately home just south of Bury St Edmunds, so again, it was another great place to break up the car journey. Ickworth is … Continue reading Visiting Ickworth House

Visiting Suffolk

Here it is, post 2/3 of my Visiting... series from this weekend. After posting about Anglesey Abbey yesterday, it is time to get onto the main event, which is, of course, Suffolk.ย After leaving Anglesey Abbey, we drove to the coast on the tourist route, which takes you through all the pretty villages and countryside that … Continue reading Visiting Suffolk

If We Were Having Tea…

I think an interesting type of post to read at the moment is one of those ones entitled 'If We Were Having Coffee'. I love getting to know bloggers more and they are a brilliant way of writing totally random things that wouldn't always fit into your blog categories. It is for these reasons that … Continue reading If We Were Having Tea…

Hollows Farm Vintage Tearooms, Leicester

*I decided to write this post. It is not in collaboration with anyone.* I feel like you would only know about Hollows Farm Vintage Tearoom if you lived nearby or a friend told you about it. That's how my family have came across this little gem. My mum heard about it from a friend at … Continue reading Hollows Farm Vintage Tearooms, Leicester

The Body Shop Make-Up Review

**This post is not a collaboration. All opinions are my own. If you follow me on Twitter and/or Instagram, you will have seen that a week ago today, I went to a beauty masterclass at The Body Shop concept store in Leeds. The masterclass was with beauty bloggers Becky and Holly Sheeran, along with their … Continue reading The Body Shop Make-Up Review