Blogger Interview #9: A Winter Escape

2nd interview of the weekend is here! It was an absolute pleasure interviewing Amelia from A Winter Escape. Let's see what amazing things she has to say! 1) It must be hard to pick as a travel blogger, but do you have a favourite place you've visited so far? I have a few, but they're … Continue reading Blogger Interview #9: A Winter Escape


Blogger Interview #8: Claudia’s Cafe

Hey everyone! It's time to do some blog networking. To start this weekend off, here's Claudia from Claudia's Cafe! Thank you Claudia for the photos! 1) If you could describe your blog in one word, what would that be? Eclectic. I hope I can say it's truly eclectic soon - I have so many thoughts … Continue reading Blogger Interview #8: Claudia’s Cafe

Blogger Interview #7: Cornish Maid

Back for the second interview in this weekend's blog networking session. I won't lie, I'm a tad jealous of Laura from Cornish Maid getting live in Cornwall and have so many wonderful adventures in this beautiful corner of the UK. It's time to see what Laura has to say about this magnificent place and her … Continue reading Blogger Interview #7: Cornish Maid

Blogger Interview #6: Mombie Diaries

Who's ready for another blog networking weekend? I know I am. Today I have the pleasure of sharing my interview with Charlotte from Mombie Diaries. She's the creator of the #anxieteaandme campaign, which you will recognise from my earlier post. Let's hear from Charlotte! 1) You've talked openly about anxiety on your blog, something which … Continue reading Blogger Interview #6: Mombie Diaries

Blogger RT Accounts and Twitter Chats

Hey everyone! As promised, I am sharing my list of blogger RT accounts on Twitter. I did a bullet journal page on this, but it got quite messy, so I thought I'd post them on here instead. Retweet accounts have been a life saver in the world of blogging and provide a great platform to … Continue reading Blogger RT Accounts and Twitter Chats

June 2018 Favourites

Welcome to my attempt at keeping a regular monthly feature on the blog! After my May 2018 Favourites post, I am now having a look back at June, a month that has flown by. Despite the time disappearing before me, I still realised that I had a few favourites this month which I couldn't ignore. … Continue reading June 2018 Favourites

Blogger Interview #5: Journal of the Lost One

It's time for the second interview of the weekend! Today, we'll be hearing from book blogger Chrissie over at Journal of the Lost One. Let's see what she has to say about her blogging experience so far. 1) First of all, I have to ask what inspired the name of your blog, Journal of the … Continue reading Blogger Interview #5: Journal of the Lost One

Blogger Interview #4: Doorways and Dresses

Happy Friday everybody. The weekend is almost upon us! From my Twitter, I made a little announcement that blogger interviews will be making an appearance on Fridays AND Saturdays. Overwhelmed by the number of you interested in the project, so I've had to increase the posts per week and turn it into a blog networking … Continue reading Blogger Interview #4: Doorways and Dresses

A (Practical) Guide to Holiday Packing

Hands up if you’re guilty of taking too much stuff on holiday and never wearing half of it? My hand flies up immediately. The excuse of “I need to pack for every eventuality” is unfortunately of no use now, especially when it comes to my family holidays, as I now know the sort of activities … Continue reading A (Practical) Guide to Holiday Packing